Tourism & Events

Sunny Cliff is best known for its yearly festivals, events and attractions. The community is proud all their special events and festivals which makes Sunny Cliff a return destination for families and vacationers. 

Summer Arts Festival

Sunny Cliff's signature event, the Summer Arts Festival is  the largest attended arts festival of its kind in Manitoba north of Winnipeg. Whether it be music, theatre, film or any of the visual arts, this festival will indulge your creative side. Featuring prominent artists of Manitoba and beyond this festival has flourished from year to year and each season has surpassed the last in the quality and variety of the programs. Sunny Cliff is proud to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Summer Arts Festival. Summer in Sunny Cliff would not be complete without the Arts Festival.

The Days in May

The Days in May is Sunny Cliffs community celebration. Every year during the last week in May, Sunny Cliff explodes with activity and events. The Days in May promising fun for everyone including many fun competitions like log throwing, to a competitive baseball tournament, to an arts and crafts market. Don't miss the Days in May social at the community recreation centre. 

Canada Day 

Special events all day for the whole family. Children enjoy the beach activities that include face painting, song and mini-games. Others come for the highly competitive  Lake Manitoba fishing derby. In the evening a spectacle fireworks show light up the sky of Steep Rock Beach. One of the best times anyone can ask for - can celebrate with us on Canada Day.

The Sunny Cliff Snowmobile Regatta 

Sunny Cliff's unique yearly Christmas parade. Early year during the second Saturday in December snowmobile enthusiasts and those who enjoy a fun spin on traditional Christmas spirit come together to watch this fun event. Santa rides in style in Sunny Cliff.