Local Flare

Farmers' Market

Come rain or sunshine, fresh picked food is always available at your the Farmers' Market. Fruits, vegetables, meats, herbs and honey draw the crowds. All across Manitoba shoppers are choosing Farmers' Markets for nature's best produce, secure in the knowledge that the food is fresh, safe to eat and the next best thing to harvesting it yourself. People come to meet the vendors who nurtured seedlings into plants, picked the fruit, pulled the vegetables, baked mouth-watering bread and other treats, prepared delectable jams, jellies and other preserves and loaded their trucks early in the morning to bring their products.

Herb Garden, The

Over 50 display beds with each herb variety labeled with common and botanical names, and the lifecycle/winter hardiness coding. The gardens are at their peak during July and August. Please wander and enjoy our tranquil rural setting at your leisure - there is no charge. Of course, we continue to grow and sell herbs for planting in your garden and our gift shop has been redesigned to hold lots of new and unique things for home and garden.   The Herb Garden is a wonderful place to hold a meeting, a party, a reunion, a wedding and reception or any other kind of get-together. 

Holistic Retreat  & Spa

Whether it's through unique combinations of therapies to heal and detoxify, educational programs, or the overnight Spa getaway, all paths here lead to one place - a state of peace, wholeness, and well-being.
As you leave the Spa, life seems less stressful and you find yourself smiling contentedly. It is then that you realize you've found your Spa "home" - a private, healing sanctuary nestled in the serene beauty of Sunny Cliff.


Lake Manitoba holds claim to a sea monster legend that dates back to 1908. The creature was dubbed Manipogo in 1957, the name echoing British Columbia's Ogopogo. The described characteristics of Manipogo are roughly similar to those of Ogopogo, leading some to theorize that they are specimens of the same species -- perhaps surviving prehistoric zeuglodons. (read more)

Oak Point Marine

Anyone looking for a glimpse to the history of fishing life on Lake Manitoba is in for a threat at the Oak Point Marine. Visit the recently renovated marine's in house museum featuring many fishing boats, equipment, testimonials and photos from generations of those who worked in the fishing industry. Oak Point Marine also serves as the location for weather observation. Click here to view today's forecast.

Steep Rock Beach

Kick back at the most relaxing location in Manitoba. Swim in the crystal clear shallow waters or just laze on the sandy beach and soak up the hot summer sun. Enjoy the dramatic sunsets, community BBQs, volleyball tournaments, the popular Beachside Cafe or stay at the serene campgrounds: http://www.steeprockbeach.ca/steeprock/default.asp

Sunny Cliff Lutheran Church

German settlers from Volhynia (an area bordering Russia ) arrived in Manitoba 's Interlake region in 1902, establishing through fishing and cattle ranching a thriving Lutheran community. Their Lutheran faith was strong but the construction of a church wasn't possible until 1909. However, the project proved to be a difficult one and the building was not completed until 1915. The wait was worth it, for the resulting building is a fine piece of design, very German in its character, with a compact nave and solid tower set into the building.     Sunny Cliff Lutheran Church